Living Plants: Memory & Memorials 4


Poppies bring memories of the WWI poem by John McCrae, In Flanders Field.

Or Perhaps they remind us of a deep sleep in The Wizard of Oz, or of heroin.

This shot was taken on a roadside in Turkey, where the poppies blow wild.

Down the road was a remarkable personal memorial – a grave itself serving as flower garden.

Taken along the road near Vizirkopru, Turkey, outside of a very small village.

My husband and I had a world class experience in a photography competition,  (let Google translate).



Once upon a time I managed 4 active historical cemeteries in Columbus, Georgia. On a field trip to Atlanta’s historic Oakland cemetery, I studied the concept of graveyard gardening. Their project brought great beauty to memorials and even to abandoned gravesites. When I am remembered, I hope it will be for the trees I planted in my yard and along the drainage “crick” banks. But they may  or may not survive. We plant, and caretake, and let go. Meanwhile, I read labels on the memorial trees planted at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville, gathering data for their history book. How lovely, thoughtful, and nigh eternal. A living plant can serve as a comfort, a memorial, or a defiant, defining moment.

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  1. How emotional one get get just looking at a flower and suddenly being reminded of so many things from a rich past

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