Process and Pricing


1. You suggest key lifetime events, and the interviews begin! We discuss any notes you have; but they are NOT necessary.

2. We gather and choose photographs.

3. You receive a first chapter for style discussion.

4. You receive a “proof” or draft of your complete memoir. You read and mark any revisions for us to make.

5. You choose what pages look like from some custom samples, and help us design a custom cover.

6. Your book(s) printed and delivered, inclusive!

What if I already have written notes or a manuscript?

Perfect Memoirs can edit, layout and publish. Naturally, we only charge for what we do!

What if I want a video or audio instead?

No problem! It’s just as easy and we guarantee satisfaction through approval process.

PRICING – Ask for a Free Consultation, (615) 417-8424                         

Ellis and Danny

  • Custom designed paperbacks and hardbacks begin at $5000 for your first copy. Additional copies at cost. We discuss ways to cut or expand your project.
  • Gift Certificates are available to get your loved one started, in $1000 increments
  • Also available in and edited audio CD of story tracks, in a beautiful heritage package, at $450 per recorded hour.

A Free Consultation determines what you need and how to meet your budget. We sign a mutual letter of intent with a deposit. Payments are scheduled for work delivered or monthly.

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