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Perfect Memoirs also assists organizations. Projects include

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville Official History

Tennessee Holocaust Commission Film Archive Project

Equitas Human Rights profiles (Canada) via partnership with APH

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   Personal History

The Autobiography of Thaddeus Martin

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Leave a legacy that no one else can: your own life story written in your own “voice”. This is an autobiography, or collection of personal stories, told in the subject’s own words. Your children and grandchildren will appreciate your thoughtfulness for leaving a memoir that “tells what it was really like.” Or, gift an older person with this ultimate compliment: Perfect Memoirs collects and write the life story, ready to share with others. Catch memories NOW before they fade.


   Family History

Lloyd and Carrie Schnuck Family History
Turn a treasured genealogy report into an exciting read for a wider audience. Everyone’s life is interesting; it just takes a good storyteller. Family trees, family photos, and family tales are collected. Deborah does some additional era research and puts it all together. You’ll receive a bound, illustrated Family History that reads more like a novel! Let this creative non-fiction writer bring your ancestors to life.


   Reunion Record

This book records your family reunion, including stories told and stories being made today! Deborah attends the reunion and records family members’ stories. An illustrated memoir will be available in book form for those who attended the reunion and for those who could not.

Church History or Business History

Perfect Memoirs uses original documents, letters, old photos, and scrapbooks, plus interviews with key people. A little more research and your Church or Business / Corporate history is ready, a professionally written and published, original book. One for the records, one for the public library…order as many as you like for key personnel, board members, share holders, and volunteers!

Legacy Memoir

Let us help you deliver life’s highlights and lessons to your loved ones after you are gone. The message is produced for you to bequeath as part of your estate. Your wisdom and wishes are an invaluable and unique parting gift.

Other Media

All options are also available as an edited audio CD of interviews or as a professional quality documentary on DVD.

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4 thoughts on “Products and Services

  1. I have the majority of my notes and journal pages put order. Well kind of basically I need to know what to do next.

    • Hi Patty! Congratulations! With the journal you have in mind, you may work from scans, if you want to keep it handwritten — or type it. If you type it you may want a proofreader after that. Then comes book formatting or a publisher query. Give me a call if I can help with some advice or making it a reality. Thanks for asking.

  2. Hi my memoir is a little different than the ones I have been reading on this site and I have been listening in class. My memoir has all been written by hand. It chronicles my childhood. My father was in organized crime. And it is told from various parts of me. Can I keep it in journal form like Kurt cobain did or should I follow the norm

    • Patty, Thanks for bringing Kurt’s memoir to class. Of course you can keep it in journal form – scanning pages into graphic art after you decide which ones to use. Good luck with your project and let me know if I can help -or when I can read it.

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