What authors, readers and editors say about Deborah Wilbrink:

Anne Strang & Marion MingleI just wanted to thank you for the work done on our book. I am really happy at how professional it looks and am looking forward to giving to my children and grandchildren! –Anne Strang, co-author, Growing Up in Glasgow, A Conversation Between Two Sisters


Goodall Front Sepia SF 4.75x6.75

Gigi Goodall
on the verge of foster care

Deborah, It has been such a joy working with you. I not only have a beautiful finished book, but in the process have made a sweet friend. You have made publishing my book easy. Thank you sincerely. –Gigi Goodall, author, Do You Love Me?

Marilynn Mendell,
Consultant & Chef

I got your edits. As usual they look fabulous, you can do such a great job! Your comments are hilarious. Unbelievable! Terrific! Thanks for everything.
Marilynn Mendell, author of Chicken Fat & Elbow Grease. WINSPIN CIC


I’m very excited. Don’t think I could have done it without the great promo you wrote.

Betsy Thorpe, author of The Day the Whistles Cried

The gift certificate for my mother arrived today! Beautiful!! Thank you soooo much!  –Tami Wiese

I trusted your judgement and you did an excellent job on That’s the Gist of It, my illustrated autobiography. author of That's the Gist of It, a Perfect Memoir
– Thaddeus Martin, age 97. Thad passed away not long after publishing his book. Excerpts were read aloud by his minister at a Celebration of Life in 2013.

Remarkable writing and research.   Phil Sweetland, New York Times

Rock ‘n’ Doc

I felt so amazingly comfortable with you; it was so easy for me to go back in and tap my experiences.  This is going to fly so well!
– Dr. Staten C. Medsker, Jr., Chiropractor to the Stars, aka RockNDoc

You did an excellent, tactful job handling some sticky situations in our family history. Thank you.
– Carole Spotts, half of the dynamic dancing duo,
Wild Bill and Carole

 Deborah, just a quick note about the Peter Rowan interview…WOW! Nice job! I enjoyed every minute of it and even read it over a second time without my editor eyeballs in. Thank you.
Steve Sloan, Editor, FolkWax e-zine. Peter Rowan is a bluegrass icon.

Ann Rabson
Photo Dan Fitzpatrick

Hi, Deborah… Just a note to thank you for the fine   (and accurate!) “memory” of Ann’s show in Nashville. I was there – and I regret we did not get a chance to speak…I really respect and appreciate your wonderful translation of the evenings show with all of its nuances to pen and paper. You are a master.
Bonnie Tallman, Saffire’s Ann Rabson’s manager.

I really enjoyed reading about Wayne Scott. His story is very inspirational to me since I am starting singing-songwriting in my forties. Your portrayal of Wayne was so vivid and so positive. I am going to have to print this out and keep it to read if I get discouraged. Thanks for a great story.
– Martha Ann, FolkWax reader, about Wayne Scott, who began singing his own songs at a late age.

Nashville-based writer Deborah Wilbrink, who interviewed Bobby Keys, did a spectacular job. It is really quite a breath-taking article.
George Seedorf, Big City Blues magazine. Bobby Keys records and tours with the Rolling Stones and the Bobby Keys Band.

(615) 417-8424      deb@perfectmemoirs.com

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  1. Deborah, It has been such a joy working with you. I not only have a beautiful finished book but in the process have made a sweet friend. You have made publishing my book easy.
    Thank you sincerely, Gigi Goodall

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