The Time to Tell is Now

Save Your Story in an Unforgettable Book for Generations to Come!

Is your life story, memoir, or family history getting lost?

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Now is a time of reflection for many. Wishing you a safe and memorable life journey!

Your story matters. We can help you create your autobiography, memoir book, or family history book.

Are you looking for a way to preserve your family history or save your life story in a book?

We use your manuscript, notes, documents and photos as material. Not a writer? We can begin your project with interviews and research. We offer ghostwriter, editor and designer services.  You get a finished product and can order multiple copies at cost.

What’s different about Perfect Memoirs?

You’ll experience personal service throughout your project, starting with a planning meeting or call. The free consultation discusses your vision and goals, our creative services, and provides an estimate for your custom, heirloom book. You’ll work with qualified personal historian and owner, Deborah Wilbrink, who has a real stake in your satisfaction.

What will saving my story cost and how long will it take?

Every book is a custom, bespoke one. Discuss yours with Deborah to get an estimate that fits your budget. First consultation is free and is a guaranteed positive experience. Monthly billing is tailored to your budget. A consultation can determine if your time frame is 3 months or up to 18 months. We’re here for the long run if you need it.

Who uses Perfect Memoirs?

Busy people. People who inherit or collect the family documents and photos. People with unique stories that can help others. People who want to save a loved one’s stories. People who know the value of personal history. Businesses with a story to tell. Oral history projects.



What is a personal historian?

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