Falling Star Song for Rita

June 18, 2013 Deborah Wilbrink

Recently a beloved friend died after a stalwart battle with cancer. Rita had smiles and a glow for many, she was a teacher and practitioner of Buddhism. As I walked past my guitar the next morning, it called to me, and Falling Star is the result. Fortunately, her family allowed me to sing and play it at the funeral, and I agreed to post it here. I hope it brings you some peace and serenity as it did me.


Falling Star, You flash across our sky

Quelling questions why You make your light

Falling Star, As your light winks out

We have no doubt It strikes another flame

Shiva Ya Nama, Shiva Ya Nama

Twinkle, twinkle, falling star, We don’t wonder where you are

There’s a hole in the sky beyond time, Where falling stars let their little lights shine

Falling Star, There was no crash and burn

You left instead lessons In love to learn

Falling Star, Your memory is never gone

At the speed of love It travels on

Jai Sat Chit Anand, Jain Sat Chit Anand

(Truth is the Consciousness of Bliss)

By Deborah Wilbrink 5/12/2013

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