Country-Folk CD Release: Imperfect Memoir

July 19, 2013 Deborah Wilbrink

Singer-Songwriter turns Writer of Perfect Memoirs

Playing at Home

Playing at Home

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Coming to Nashville to sell folk songs was like stepping on a Yellow Brick Road – I was just as wide-eyed as Dorothy, and just as certain that the wizard would be there to help. There to help was the wonderful “class” of 2002 – other songwriters arriving from across the country, just as sure and certain. We’d take turns singing and listening in the myriad of open mikes. I was there night after night that year, teaching English by day and singing by night. It was a big change from Columbus-Ft. Benning, Georgia’s folk music in shacks and hip-shaking grinding disco. Not too much available there, so I was taking advantage of all the variety and quality in Music City bigtime when I arrived.

Wonderfully, my career took another turn two years ago and now I’m steering others to write and publish their memoirs. I’m also editing New Age books with the Writers in the Sky team.

But I still have songs to sing, so with the tongue-in-cheek and oh-so-true title, Imperfect Memoirs, others can hear the story songs I’ve written. I hope you will give it a listen. If you’ve been wanting a copy of the website’s theme song, “Memory Lane” it’s on there, with my voice instead of co-writer Femke’s. I may have to blog again just to get lyrics up, but for now, you can hear previews of the songs and order them at the links up top. Thanks for reading!

Deborah Wilbrink | Imperfect Memoir FROM CDBABY DESCRIPTION:

A collection of memory-based story songs that appeal to the collective experience. Among them an immigrant chooses gang life; a soldier reviews his career; two tired lovers renew their marriage vows; a woman decides to write her family history before it’s too late; a mother sends her last child to school; and a single girl meets a returning soldier with unexpected results. Deborah Wilbrink takes her stories in universal but unexpected directions, finessing the language as few can do. Influenced by Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Peter Rowan, and Buffy Sainte-Marie, her folk and country-rock vocals add nuance to these stories taken from life’s slices. Originally cut as full demos for the Nashville market, these songs were perhaps too thoughtful to make it…

   CD & Downloads at Itunes, Amazon, and cdbaby

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“The Best Book is Your Own Story.”
Deborah Wilbrink

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