Cell Phone Puts One in an Isolation Cell?

July 27, 2014 Deborah Wilbrink

Cell phones are great for emergencies and travelers. Yep, we’re hooked. Even the old argument that txt-ing leads to poor spelling and lack of literacy is losing ground. With the select-a-word feature getting better and smarter all the time, readers must know whether they mean hangar or hanger – both choices are given. This morning I’m catching up on my friends – through Facebook. I loved this video shared on Tom Sturdevant’s page. I hope this video is preserved, perhaps it will explain what’s happened to later social scientists and people. The irony, of course, it that I found it on Facebook. I hope you enjoy this wonderful piece too, a romantic poem about what one shouldn’t miss — so, Look Up!~Have a great day and happy writing and texting to you.

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