Country Music Awards Generate Memoirs Good and Bad

November 2, 2012 Deborah Wilbrink

We had the good fortune last night, thanks to our friend Bob, to have very good seats to the CMA Awards Show in Nashville on November 1st.  Deborah & E vert Nov 1 2012 CMA Nashville

We had a better seat than the cameras, and it was easy to see the real people behind the legends, for their hopes and dreams were displayed on their faces during the awards, and their joy in the music and in the fans, while they played.  It also led to reflection – where there are winners there are also losers… and if you watch any of the talent competition tv shows, you’ll know that judges, and you, don’t always agree on which is which!

So we were disappointed for Civil Wars, happy for Little Big Town with their lovely vocals on Pontoon, and felt compassion for the still-so-young Taylor Swift.  Performances were great, the schtick writing for the hosts was still just – ok- as it seems so forced in every awards show, and we could read the teleprompter right along with the hosts!  Carrie and Miranda gave great performances – they rocked more than country-fied. It was an incredible night for Blake Shelton.

Willie Nelson was there and received a heavy Lifetime Award. A beautiful tribute was played to him of his songs, and he got up and performed for part of that, with Blake and Keith Urban. Don’t you love Crazy, and Always?

But I did notice, and felt a bit perturbed, that aside from a couple of love songs, none of the lyrics had a significant message. Dierks Bentley’s song Tip It Up started out promisingly enough, describing a down economy, but what was his solution for fans?  “Tip It Up;” i.e., drink up, and savor that taste of alcoholic lull and dull.

So the music’s great, but country music is not awarding songs that do the job of great music – predicting, prophesying, capturing the soul’s longings. That’s not news, of course. And if I’m not careful, this could turn into a  nostalgic memoir of when music mattered. You know what? That music is still out there! It’s called folk, Americana, blues, and sometimes doesn’t even have a genre name. It might be playing in your neighbors house… and soon I hope to install a player on this website for some real musical treats.

Best to all, and I hope your memories are unforgettable!



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