Dolly Parton Uses Imagination in Writing

March 21, 2014 Deborah Wilbrink


Blue Smoke by Dolly Parton  (If you can’t see the video above, you can click the title to hear the song.) Dolly has the imagination of a great writer. Even her charity promoting reading at a young age is called Imagination Station.

With a song called Blue Smoke, Dolly draws from her imagination as well as roots with the bluegrass, gospel tinged train song. But what heartbreak does she leave behind as she goes “rollin’ down the track?” Somehow she manages to create songs about experiences like leaving a bad relationship which in real life, it seems she’s never had. Dolly maintains a successful career, marriage, is well thought of and likeable. Where’s the heartbreak?

We write about what we know. Hers is at the same time a very public and private life. It has yielded a full career of great music to us. Thanks, Dolly, and congratulations on your success in Australia! (I was going to say Down Under, but that might remind us of Orpheus…could it be…? Nah!)


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