Family Reunions and The Story of Us

October 13, 2014 Deborah Wilbrink

Family Reunions can be the perfect place to release your family or personal history. You have a built-in audience of interested people. When they notice a familiar name or picture, they’re ready to read. It’s so rewarding when family and friends of a memoir writer gather round to see the story! Last weekend Herman and Patsy Lawson showed their family The Story of Us, Becoming the Hatfield-Lawson Family 1880-2014. It was exciting, and many wanted copies. As ghostwriter, I was their guest at the Hatfield and Lawson Family Reunion in Mooresburg, Tennessee. The oldest family member, Garrett, was 96. The youngest was about nine. They came from different states; and from the hills surrounding the Volunteer Fire Department Hall where we met for supper. Surrounding us was the beauty of Hancock County’s mountain farms. Growing up on those farms meant a great deal in the formation of Herman and Patsy’s characters. Once they realized how unique their upbringing was, they incorporated it into story-telling about family incidents. These stories have a zing and a ring to them, and always a life lesson. I’m grateful that this couple shared their stories with me, and that their stories are captured forever, through publishing.


Together we wrote a song inspired by one of Patsy’s stories, called “Grandma’s Quilt,” which I sang at the reunion. I also backed up the crowd as they sang “Happy Birthday” to Betty, Herman Lawson’s mother. Herman and Patsy are professional storytellers available for live entertainment, too. Storytellers

Yep. this blog is the first in a while…I’ve finished several projects and am working on others. Stay tuned for some updates! Happy writing…and have a memorable day.

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