Animated History of the English Language

February 18, 2014 Deborah Wilbrink

Writers love language! I love cartoons!

Get the best of both with this eleven minute video. It’s broken up into lessons so you can watch a bit at a time. After all, isn’t the attention span down to six minutes, now? The more I think about that, the more I realize offering bits of information just contribute to forming that mind-set and capability. But alas, I am there now. Unless I’m reading a riveting book; or editing one. Have fun as you listen and learn, courtesy of an Open University:

 The History of English Language

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Deborah Wilbrink

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  1. Dwan

    Word of the day is: SnuffBumble! Loved in Chapter 7 where they said “keeping people from making up words is complete Snuffbumble”! LOL!!! Too Funny! How right they are!

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