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February 26, 2016 Deborah Wilbrink


For those of us who work in a comfortable position, it’s tempting to settle in. After four years in my home business, I had enough work, and could keep speaking to independent living facilities to spread the message of personal history: Every Life Story is worth Saving. Then I wrote six songs and a book of my own to go with it. Now I find myself in the situation of do or die: and became familiar with a new message: Kick It Up.

Workshop for the Osher Institute, Vanderbilt

Workshop for the Osher Institute, Vanderbilt

That happens to be the theme this year of our trade association conference. I’m also in my first of a two-year term as our secretary, of the international Association of Personal Historians. This year is truly one of growth for me, and for my business. I’m booking as a motivational speaker about saving stories, for social workers, for scrapbookers and quilters, for the amazing Southern Women’s Show. After a few near-misses, I’ve found and hired Laughing Penguin Publicity for local promotion and hope to become a go-to person. That way I can keep working on what I do best!  And if the business comes in like I think it will, it means outsourcing some of the pieces of building quality memoirs to quality partners, which means a rise in prices, something I’ve resisted in the past.

“Playing the Game of Kick It Up

So what does this have to do with your life? So many people have inspired me to try new things, and that’s something we can all do. Learning something new is one of the Alzheimer’s delay/prevention tips.  I never kicked a ball to a goal successfully in my life! I don’t know martial arts or kick-boxing either. It’s time to learn a new sport, that of Kicking It Up.  If I can do that, you can do it too. When the opportunities knock, say yes! And go create your own. Enjoy playing the game of Kick It Up!

Deborah Wilbrink is a personal historian and author of Time to Tell: Your Personal & Family History, a book of stories, tips and song downloads on Amazon, in book stores or MP3 downloads of songs from Time To Tell: Songs About Your Personal & Family History also available separately.
Best Book Ever
Best Book Ever - Brentwood Library
“The Best Book is Your Own Story.”
Deborah Wilbrink

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  1. This blog post hit home with me. I was just pondering how I’ve missed some opportunities by becoming complacent. Life is so much better when one “kicks it up,” and the benefits spread to others.

    Thank you.

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