House Concert in Nashville

January 4, 2013 Deborah Wilbrink
House Concert march 2013

Deborah at House Concert, Nashville, March 2013

Femke and I created Perfect Memoirs’ theme song together. We then  had an amazing house concert together last week! I loved seeing the expressions on many faces as they understood or “got” the songs as I or Femke played. Look for house concerts in your own community, and keep intimate, live music alive! House concerts are profitable for musicians and you can contribute in a fun way, so they can keep making music, these are hard times for them.

Memory Lane by Weidema & Wilbrink

When he sailed the raging sea, was he scared of what would be

Or hitched his wagon to a star, ‘cause it would take him far

Walking streets paved with gold where the nights were never cold

And people won’t grow old before their time

When I climb the Family Tree, I know so much more about me


I should write that down, I should save that story

I should write a book so the kids remember me

I’ve got things to say, I know they are still learning

I could steer away some pain with a drive down Memory Lane.


Did he find his wife to be, barn-raising in the field

Like grandpa found his bride and never left her side

Though many things were never said, he’d tell the story how they met

With love I won’t forget before my time.

When I climb the Family Tree, I know so much more about me.

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Memory Lane…

I will write that down, I will save that story

I will write a book, I will write a perfect memoir

‘Cause I’ve got things to say, I know they are still learning

I will steer away some pain when they drive down my,

When they drive down my Memory Lane


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Best Book Ever
Best Book Ever - Brentwood Library
“The Best Book is Your Own Story.”
Deborah Wilbrink

Comments (5)

  1. Kaye Nutman

    I just love this song. How lucky are you to be able to write this in collaboration with Femke. I would love to play it at a Life Story Workshop I am putting together here in sunny Melbourne, Australia. Though the song refers to barn raising (we don’t get many of those here!) and other American themes, the sentiment is universal. Well done! Is it out on CD?

  2. Hi Kaye,
    Thanks so much! I am releasing a CD of other songs and you order by emailing me at I’ll check with Femke and let you know ASAP about Memory Lane – we can get it for you in digital form. Thanks again for writing.

    • Hi Michelle, “Memory Lane”by Deborah Wilbrink is for sale on itunes, part of my cd Imperfect Memoirs . . . which is on Itunes and also on CD Baby. Yes, I would love this to be the APH theme song! Am working on an EP for the APH shop in St. Louis this year. Thanks for your comment.

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