A New Year

December 30, 2011 Deborah Wilbrink

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The year’s end brings to mind a lovely woman in her nineties whose family contacted Perfect Memoirs a few months ago. “She’s going, we can tell it won’t be long,” they confided, “We want to record some memories and send them to you.” I told the family I would rather come there and work with her in person.  I didn’t hear back, and now I have heard that she is gone.  What a lesson for me, to be more adaptable to my client’s requests!  I’m a great listener, but I didn’t listen well enough that time. I hope they did get some of her reminiscences to save and to share. To all of you with older relatives, my New Year’s wishes are for you to take the time, and listen. You are making precious memories.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Deborah Wilbrink, Proprietor

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Deborah Wilbrink

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