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April 16, 2016 Deborah Wilbrink
Southern Women's Show April 14-17 2016

Southern Women’s Show April 14-17 2016

Hmmm…Kicking It Up means getting out there. I’ve made 9 appearances in 12 days, it feels like a tour, though it’s all within a 60 mile radius of home. Television and radio, fairs and shows, independent living communities. Calling back every caller who tried to be the first of five to get a free book (41). Choosing clothes. Rehearsing. Bouncing from delivering the soundbite message “Every life story is worth saving” to detailed information on how to do that. It’s all left me a bit exhausted. And just when my loving husband, my go-to assistant, is away. Meanwhile, running in the background of my brain’s ethernet are the projects I’ve committed to completing, life stories worth saving, ever-present in my mind. My clients are very happy for me, thank goodness! And many of the people I reach are rethinking an approach to their life stories, and pondering their worth. Will it result in sales? Time will tell.

It has me all rethinking what my husband kindly deems “ambition”. For years I have craved to be known for my talents and that drive has made me do many things that were new. Maybe it’s a step in wisdom, maybe it’s the experience of stress that has become assurance with more and more exposure. But I’m realizing that if I have enough work, what I truly enjoy is doing it, not promoting it. The craving for fame has disappeared. That means, I think, that when I do coach, consult, speak or teach, I will be in a more relaxed mode, listening more deeply to the people who are there. And as I promote my book and music over the coming year, which it deserves, I will enjoy it more.

Lately someone asked me to define my personal success. They were surprised when I said, not sales, but positive peer reaction to my work. Peers whom I respect. Perhaps even that definition is changing. I will look forward to what happens next. Meanwhile, I would love to see you! Bring a friend:

I’m giving how-to tips for preserving your personal and family history LIVE at the Southern Women’s Show in Music City Center this weekend.  5:30 Today and 1:30 Sunday, and I’m at East Side Story Nashville, Sat.  April 30 11AM, for a small show and book signing: “Go Ask Your Mother”. Happy Mother’s Day, and a mother you know might appreciate a copy of Time to Tell. And for those authors looking for help, I can recommend Laughing Penguin Publicity.


Best Book Ever
Best Book Ever - Brentwood Library
“The Best Book is Your Own Story.”
Deborah Wilbrink

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