Quilters Make Memories & Inspire Songs: Time to Tell 5

March 22, 2015 Deborah Wilbrink

Rose Center Quilter shows mini beaded quilts.


Lorraine Johnson with a quilt suitable for a baby.

Baby quilts bring delight to families finally taking home their infants after extended birth stays – premature, in incubators, gaining weight. The softness, colors, and most of all, caring give are proof that “the Village” exemplified by the Rose Center Quilt Guild, is extending its arms to these children and parents.

I visited these quilters in Morristown, Tennessee to meet and greet – for some of their quilts, along with antiques and antique fabrics, will be part of the design of the forthcoming book Time to Tell. They shared with me some of their philanthropic projects, their interest in learning more quilting techniques, and what I came for – their art!

Grandma’s Quilt is a song on the CD that comes with Time to Tell. I played it for these ladies and explained the project now on Kickstarter.com. I wrote the song with Herman and Patsy Lawson, Tennessee storytellers who grew up near Morristown. It explores how each scrap in a crazy quilt can bring back an associated memory. Objects connect us to memory!

Then Evert and I wandered down the main street, checking out The Guitar Vault where we said hello to the fellows. I played my song for the manager, Tony. And he told me how his late grandmother’s birthday was coming soon, and how her quilt was bringing back memories of her to him. He loved the song, and I hope you will, too. Hear a clip of it, see the author’s progress, and please, share a link and/or buy a copy for someone you love whom you are realizing that now is the time to tell, from this link:  Kickstarter Time to Tell by Deborah Wilbrink.



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