Senior Citizen Author is Front Page News at Age 98!

August 31, 2012 Deborah Wilbrink

A Perfect Memoir author and his book is featured in six neighborhood newspapers, The News of Nashville.

That's the Gist of It by Autumn Boaz 8/23/2012

08/23/12 West Side News

Congratulations to Thad Martin, author of That’s the Gist of It, The Autobiography of Thaddeus Martin at age 98! He’s on the front page of the August 23rd issues of the Green Hills News, Belle Meade News, West Meade News, West Side News, Bellevue News, Nashville Today Hermitage News and Donelson News! Autumn Boaz did a great job meeting with Thad and here’s her opening:

In the back of Thaddeus Martin’s freshly written autobiography is a final chapter entitled, “And So On…” The closing Chapter 12 consists of three pages, but you won’t find any words there. Those final pages are reserved for what Martin calls the “additions,” and while the 98-year old would inevitably have to shrink his handwriting to say anything prophetic in the minimal space, it makes him feel better knowing that there’s still room for more words — more living. Minus those three pages of mystery, this Madison resident’s life can now be enjoyed through a historical document created by Deborah Wilbrink of Perfect Memoirs that literally files Martin’s life into chapters — a feat that most only accomplish metaphorically.

The Autobiography of Thaddeus MartinThat’s the Gist of It is available to preview or buy at the print-on-demand site. Just click on the book cover! Thad is also interested in finding a publisher and distributor for his potentially wide audience. Contact for more info.

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