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April 5, 2014 Deborah Wilbrink

“Yes, it’s time – Time to tell the story of your life.” Aunt Mina

That’s the motto of the Association of Personal Historians. We are celebrating Personal History Awareness Month in May by hosting free adult Show & Tell events! The public is invited to bring an old photo, letter, family memento, or a treasured personal item or even an ancient artifact to “show and tell” the stories behind the items. APH members have committed to launching this global phenomenon of Show & Tell events during May 2014 to celebrate Personal History Awareness Month.Show & Tell events spread the conviction that every person, family, community, and organization has a story worthy of being recorded and preserved. In Tennessee, Show & Tells are springing up!

SAM_3785 Join us free at the Hendersonville Senior Center on May 13 at 10 AM. Bring a meaningful object or photo with you. Mine might be this Kayak, “Dancer” long unused…but full of memories! What can you share? Show & Tells are happening in May at Elmcroft and at Tennessee Respite Care in Nashville; Elmcroft in Lebanon, Spectrum of Care in Murfreesboro,  and more . . .

Contact Deborah to arrange one for your group in the Nashville area:

Candace Cox & Remembering Then are presenting Show and Tells in the Chattanooga area!

The Association of Personal Historians is a trade organization whose members help their clients record, preserve and share their life stories in books, voice recordings, video documentaries, scrapbooks, and even cookbooks that combine favorite recipes and stories...

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Best Book Ever
Best Book Ever - Brentwood Library
“The Best Book is Your Own Story.”
Deborah Wilbrink

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